Why BabySnApps was created?

BabySnApps is not just another ordinary app.  It was born on the idea that every family deserves to have quality images of their newborn baby without having to pay a professional $125 or more.

First time parent, multiple children parents, grandparents, friends, photography lovers, these are the people who BabySnApps was created for.

Not everyone has a friend or family member who knows how to take professional level images.  If you do, that great!  If not, you wind up with low quality images of your newborn or have to pay a high priced photographer for your pictures.

Gone are the days that you could get free or inexpensive pictures done at a maternity ward.  It is true that the quality of the images you get now from the hospital photographers are much better then the free or inexpensive images you use to get.  Sadly, many people just cannot afford those beautiful images.

BabySnApps is your way to take control back and take your own images that are professional level.  Guided by a template to show you exactly where to put the baby feet or adorable little face.  These are YOUR own images to take, edit, share and print.  You have the rights to them because you took them!