On the home screen you will see a Directions Tab and a Tips Tab.  Tap on Tips tab for tips on how to take pictures using your iPhone.

BabySnApps Home screen shot  You will also see a negative strip at the bottom.  That is a scrollable strip.  These are the types of images you can take yourself by using BabySnApps.

Tap on an image you like, as an example…

DSC_0193  In this example, you can use any special blanket or toy and line up your baby within the template the best you can.

BabySnApps Baby with blanket template outline  Just line up the template over your baby and snap the picture by pressing the camera button.

Your original image will automatically be saved to your camera roll.  You will also have the option to edit your images by turning them black/white or sepia.  You can also retake the picture or share your picture.  Sharing is easy, by pressing a button you can text, e-mail, tweet, FaceBook or Instagram your image.

The additional save image button is for any image you edited and want to save.  Only the original image automatically saved to your camera roll.